R & D

Process parametisation

Understanding how knowledge of the physico-chemical properties of a pharmaceutical active can correlated to processing parameters such as bead size, bead volume, processing media and processing time.

Nano-particle characterisation Research is currently focussed on particle size control, stabilisation of nano-suspensions and dissolution profiling over a range of pHs.

Graph absDown stream processing and formulation

We are primarily investigating the behaviour of nano-particles throughout various downstream processes including spray drying, with and without carriers, solid form compaction, liquid suspension physical and chemical stability.

The effects of particle size reduction and downstream processing on properties such as crystalline structure are crucial in the development of formulations.



The ultimate aim is of course to develop formulations with enhanced active bioavailability.  This may be simply a matter of increasing the rate of dissolution but may be through controlled release.

Working with our partners we are able to investigate bioavailability and understand the pharmacokinetics of active ingredients.

Internal programs

  • Developing IP around generic pharmaceutical products- i.e. Ibuprofen, Gliclazide, Naproxen  “supergenerics”.
  • Developing nanoparticulate formulations for IV applications-particularly important for oncology products.