Science and Technology

Lena Nanoceutics is dedicated to the development of novel pharmaceutical formulations, primarily through the use of proprietary particle size reduction technology.


Size reduction is achieved through a patented, high efficiency, wet milling process that is capable of up to 1000 fold size reduction in minutes.  Shown opposite is the particle size distribution for an API-nano-suspension collected at various time intervals of processing. Unlike conventional milling processes, Lena’s technology also has the capability to work across a very broad range of actives including highly ductile materials.

Research and Development

We are continuing to develop a portfolio of methods covering the use of both aqueous and oil based carriers, again enabling the processing of the widest possible range of actives.  This is linked to research into nano-suspension characterisation, stabilisation.

Formulation development

Controlled reduction in particle size to low micron or nanometer scale is coupled to bespoke formulation development that covers physical and chemical stabilisation of nano-suspensions, fit for purpose pre-clinical formulations, and concept clinical formulation that can be readily transferred to our GMP facility.  Formulation development to date has covered liquid formulations (parenteral and liquid filled capsule) and solid dose (e.g. through spray drying and tablet compaction).

Posters and publications

The posters/publications which Lena nanoceutics had presented at various conferences are listed.